Specializing in mining operations, consultation, and investment opportunities in current mining facilities.





Our mining facilities have: 

- 1000+ Megawatts. 

- 24 hour security. 

- Cold settings to minimize electric costs while maintaining optimal ventilation. 



- In terms of designing your facility, our engineers architect, plan, and build your facility in the most cost and energy efficient manner. 


- Our IT professionals have experience working with the largest mining farms in the world and can handle any project you envision.

- IT teams ensure the miners are performing at their peak, reliably, and constantly. All teams are responsible for keeping miners powered, cooled, and protected.


- Stable connections with industry-leading manufacturers.

- Lowest prices for ASIC and GPU miners.

- Access to the most advanced upcoming technology.


- From mining components to commercial solutions, our expertise allows us to fully operate and maintain your facility. 


- Our advisors help you prepare for future conditions and provide low-risk investment strategies to help achieve your goals.



RadOne seeks to expand its exceptional technological performance globally. We provide clients with high quality resources and a global network to allow for the establishment and management of exemplary facilities.   

We strive to provide the most advanced technology in the industry to optimally maximize profits. Our primary focus is delivering superior operational execution by continually improving performance. 

We plan to create ultimate value for investors while sustaining a global portfolio of life-long assets by building the most powerful mining facilities in the world. 

In an era of technological upheaval, RadOne intends to develop and spread cryptocurrencies globally.

The financial opportunities created by RadOne Inc. will bring about more innovation to the industry. 



Since 2014, our global presence has allowed us to lead the way and become the largest firm in this digital industry. Our professionals established and currently operate facilities worldwide, equipped with the most advanced Asic and GPU miners. These facilities generate 200+ megawatts, powering over 100,000 machines in 10 mining farms in 6 countries. Our company is based in the United States and is regulated by the United States government. Our global platform and network connects investors to emerging tehnologies and collaborative solutions. RadOne Inc. currently manages $200M+ of investments.



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